About Us



• Australia Global Trading Pty Ltd was formed to merge the sales interests of a series of manufacturers, miners, suppliers and providers and provide efficient outcomes.


• The ethos of AGT is to "connect" buyers with miners/manufacturers and/or sellers and/or their authorised representatives.


• This brokering process can involve investment by AGT in procuring products from miners/manufacturers and then on selling to buyers. Or the process can simply be to connect two or more parties to facilitate the purchase of materials/mineral such as iron, ore, coal, copper, cement, clinker, fertilisers, other.


• AGT enjoys extensive involvements on a world scale and has conducted business in Australia, China, South Korea, Vietnam, U.K., U.S.A., South and Central America, Europe, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan, Greece & Italy.


AGT enjoys involvements in the following product categories:


Iron, Coal, Copper. AGT works closely with mostly Australian, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese Investors. But we also work with investors from other countries for the placement of Iron Ore, Thermal Coal and Coking Coal allocations and copper concentrate. AGT also assists with Corporate Consultation, Capital Raising between prospective Joint Venture/Merger partners (on the Buying and Selling side) for the procurement of off-take for iron ore and coal.

Cement. Arrangements with CUCC of China, several state of the art Vietnamese plants and plants in Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan have followed with importation into Australia, Middle East, Asia to feed Contractors, Batching Plant Operators and Building Contractors under specified contracts nationally and internationally.

Ammonium Fertiliser by-products, Urea, Rock Phosphates from Vietnam. These products, which are used largely in Mining and Agriculture were derived as a consequence of visits to New York, June 2007, China, Vietnam and Indonesia-March 2008, and through an alliance with colleague Jason Bao, CEO/Director, Lao Cai Fertilisers, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam.


Building Products: partnering several European & Asian plants in a procurement joint venture, aimed at sourcing and manufacturing building products which meet a criteria that is based on sustainability. The products are world standard design with a discipline to deliver demonstrable advantages in environmental benefit. All products meet both USA and Australian standards.


• As a Licensed Distributor for the global provider, Azzurra International, AGT has niched itself in the designer end of specifications for major projects worldwide. The philosophy of negotiating direct with the developer & or specifier, is a very strong culture match for AGT. Azzurra has penetrated markets in Asia, Italy and Australia and is now expanding into the USA.