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AGT has been actively involved with Jason Bao, CEO/Director of Lao Cai Fertilisers in the development of the Vietnamese Fertilisers Industry.

Vietnam until recently had imported over 95% of its fertiliser needs. The Vietnamese Government and Lao Cai Fertilisers, amongst other local groups, have been working for advancement of the local industry for the past 2 years.

Jason is a dual citizen of Australia and Vietnam.

Educated as an Engineer in Perth, Jason and his father have established offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

They have been consulting to Government on Rock Phosphate beneficiation and the building of a Plant to produce 700,000 tons per annum. The aim is to develop a higher grade rock phosphate for export by producing Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP).

Jasonís company has access to a 100 million ton initial resource in Lao Cai Province. The reserve is said to be over 1 billion tons of T205 Rock Phosphate at a purity of 32%.

The aim is to build a 3 Phase Complex involving Rock Phosphate Beneficiation Plant, Ammonium Plant and DAP Plant for somewhere in the vicinity of 500 million US Dollars.

An Indian Consortium has undertaken to do a feasibility study as they have a history in the building of these particular Rock Phosphate projects. India represents an immediate source of supply as does China which adjoins the border of Lao Cai Province.

The 2nd project which AGT has marketed on behalf of Lao Cai Fertilisers and the Vietnamese Government has been a 425 million US Dollars Urea Plant Project.

The Project was to involve a 500,000 ton revamp of an existing plant and a new 300,000 ton Urea Plant near Hanoi. Foreign Fertiliser Plant giants Samsung and Shedden Uhde have looked at both projects.

AGT has worked actively with Lao Cai and will continue to do so in the pursuit of a burgeoning industry for Vietnam. The goal is to be exporting Urea, DAP and Ammonium by products in the year 2013. An aside to the production of fertilisers in Vietnam is the negotiations between the Vietnamese Government and AGT on procurement of coal for burning off in the production of ammonia.