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Iron Ore, Coal and Copper Partners



The priority at AGT is the procurement of both Buyers and Sellers for the Iron Ore and Coal space. The original interest came from an inquiry by a Brunei Group requesting research on Western Australian Iron Ore mining and Queensland/NSW Coal Mining. As a former journalist and Press Officer in the Political sphere I had some experience of the Mining Industry. A 3 month investigation of Australian Iron Ore and Coal miners ensued. The involvement with iron and coal has mainly evolved in the past 12 months. In that time AGT have secured several key clients from China, Pakistan and Korea.

On the Selling side, we have secured or are securing allocations of iron ore and coal from key Mining Companies and world recognised Commodities Firms from India, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Tanzania. This is no mean feat.

The securing of iron ore of the correct ferrous content for the clients needs is extremely challenging in an environment where iron ore is tightly held.

So we maintain a constant vigil on potential Miners and Sellers across the globe to ensure we can satisfy the need of our clients.

The securing of Coking Coal and Thermal coal is also an endless battle. Hard Coking Coal from Australia, Russia, South Africa, USA, Columbia and other countries is sort after by Steel Mills worldwide and that represents a real dilemma because it is so tightly held. Thermal coal mostly is obtained from Indonesia, which has a reputation for high moisture in its coal. Indonesia nonetheless is the world’s 2nd largest producer of thermal coal and has a phenomenal export capacity. Tanzania, which has superb quality thermal coal in abundance, is our latest point of investigation.

Copper represents a small portion of AGT’s invested time. But as we delve into Chilean iron ore we have uncovered a wealth of smaller Chilean miners wanting representation and investment assistance. Volumes approaching 2000 MT of concentrate per month are regularly available.

The areas of expertise which we bring to the equation include the following…

• Procurement of iron ore, coal and copper with the following paramaters…
     • Iron Ore… 65/64.5% fe-rejection 63.5% fe down to 60.0% fe with low
       sulphur and phosphorus (fines or lump)
     • Thermal Coal… Calorific Ranges from 4900 GCV to 7300 GCV with
       lower moisture, ash content, volatile matter and sulphur content
     • Coking Coal… focus on low ash, moisture, volatile matter, sulphur and
       G Index at 75-85
     • Copper Concentrate of 20-35% purity

• Approaches to Bona Fide Buyers in China and across the globe

• Corporate advisory service for Miners/Sellers and Buyers/Buyers Agents to bring all parties to the table

• Joint Venture and Merger Management programme to provide Steel Mills and Power Plants and users of coal and iron ore with an opportunity to work with Miners/Sellers and secure off-take

• Capital Raising for such projects

• Infrastructure Development in relation to iron ore and coal projects